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Capturing Expressed Intent to Purchase Online

Monday, June 27th, 2011

Consumers have a number of reasons to utilize the internet to engage in online shopping activities such as conducting price comparisons, seeking product information, reviews, advice and more. With increased accessibility to the internet via mobile devices and tablets, these activities and conversations are growing at exponential rates. The internet, thus, has become a fundamental tool for brand marketers and online retailers to communicate clear, concise, sophisticated levels of communication, catering to the expressed needs of online social consumers.

On a daily basis, people are becoming more avid in sharing their purchasing intents and experiences within their social networks. This online trend is creating valuable opportunities for marketers to engage directly with their consumers, allowing them to understand and influence their buying behaviors. Social media and online communities can be a goldmine of intelligence and opportunity for brands given that they are able to effectively understand what their consumers are saying, what it all means, and what they can be doing about it.

In the recent case study we conducted, “Android Showdown: Bionic vs Galaxy S II” we put this theory to work with a goal of understanding how individuals online were expressing intent to purchase a particular phone. In our study from April 1-June 21, 2011, we found 14,838 online conversations expressing explicit intent or seeking advice on whether to purchase either phone. By analyzing this data set, over ten times larger then leading market research firms, we were able to then effectively organize and make sense of the organic, unsolicited conversation across the social web. (Read more about the results of the study here.)

Seeking intelligence around consumer buying behaviors through the use of focus groups and surveys is time consuming and expensive. By utilizing social media listening services, companies are now able to organize thousands of conversations to inform, adjust and shape their online marketing initiatives.

What’s the Hottest Fashion Trend for Spring 2011?

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

Social Media of course! From the Runway to Twitter feeds, the fashion industry is strutting it’s stuff when it comes to social media. Utilizing established and trusted online social communities such as Facebook, Twitter, and FourSquare, big fashion brands are finding new ways to make shopping a socially connected event.

Everyday women and men everywhere ask questions like, “How does this look?”, “What should I wear?” and “Where did you buy that?“.  It’s inevitable that these questions have made their way to the online social space and fashion savvy brands are doing what they’ve done best all along, bringing trusted advice, fashion deals and beauty to the people.

If you follow Rachel Zoe (@rzrachelzoe) you’d know she was wearing a Proenza bag, Chanel sunnies and Anita Ko Jewels on May 7th. You’d also maybe be the winner of the $3,000 Style Upgrade Contest that she was promoting last week.

If you follow Gilt Groupe (@GiltGroupe) you’ve probably heard about their mobile shopping app and have already sneakily purchased luxury items from your phone during a late afternoon meeting. You may have even tweeted with their founder Alexandra Wilson, who is known to tweet live with the community from time to time!

Fashion brands everywhere are ramping up innovative and profitable social marketing strategies to connect with their customers and build online revenue channels. Given the teasing they initially took for “not being able to keep up with the web” I think it’s now safe to say that the fashion industry is leading the way when it comes to social media and e-commerce!