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6 Critical Social Media Elements in Sports

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

The recent Ted Leonsis article is an exciting read, and points to the all but obvious fact that social media in sports has a real ROI and deserves our time and attention.

The article speaks to a few important concepts that sports teams are starting to embrace:

1) Your most valuable demographic is online, speaking passionately about your franchise.  More needs to be done to harness that conversation.

2) Franchises that engage on social media (and encourage their athletes to engage as well) are increasing visibility and garnering social capital amongst fans.

3) It’s easy to forget that sports fans on social media are real people, and have real money to spend and a real interest to understand what’s going on with your team.  This means, if you treat them well, they’ll show up to your special events and ultimately spend more money.

And while social media is cheap, it’s definitely not free (as some will try to tell you).  It takes time and exhaustive research to understand the sentiment and opinions of your desired demographic.

3 suggestions for how to get started after the jump, as well as the percentage of avid sports fans are getting their sports information online.